Navigating the Pi Network Roadmap-2

Navigating the Pi Network Roadmap-2


Welcome back to the second part of our exhilarating journey through the Pi Network roadmap. In this part, we dive into the intricacies of Pi Hackathons, the Developer Ambassador Program, the Pi App Incubator, and the groundbreaking Pi-Powered Commerce Program. Hold on tight as we explore the exciting landscape of Pi Network’s future endeavors!

Pi Hackathons: Fueling the Developer Renaissance

Pi Hackathons are the heartbeat of our community-driven development. These events, whether online or offline, hosted or participated in by Pi Network, serve as a continuous influx of Pi Apps into our flourishing ecosystem. Since the release of the Pi Platform in June 2021, including the Pi SDK and Developer Portal. Hackathons have become a regular and essential development event.

The inaugural 2021 #buildPi2gether Hackathon marked a significant milestone. Attracting thousands of participants, hundreds of thousands of community reviewers, and resulting in five winners. Sponsored hackathons at prestigious U.S. universities. The DeveloperWeek conference in the San Francisco Bay Area followed, showcasing the diverse talent contributing to Pi Apps development.

In Progress: The hackathon saga continues with regular Core Team reviews, feedback to top teams, and announcements of winners each month.

Developer Ambassador Program: Pioneers Shaping the Future

The Developer Ambassador Program is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives. Launched on Pi2Day, June 28, 2023, and later extended to December 31, 2023, this program empowers Pioneers to inspire builders in their network to create Pi Apps. By providing necessary content and resources, Developer Ambassadors introduce the Pi platform to developers. Enroll them in Pi Network roadmap, and receive 1000 Pi when the developer builds a Mainnet Pi App listed in the Ecosystem Interface of the Pi Browser.

The Developer Ambassador dashboard, located in the “Roles” section of the Pi Mining app. It allows ambassadors to monitor the progress of individual developers. They’ve onboarded during the program period. This real-time tracking enables ongoing support and encouragement.

In Progress: Ongoing data analysis of program progress, gathering feedback from Developer Ambassadors, and continuous enhancement of resources and content.

Pi App Incubator: Nurturing Innovation for a Flourishing Ecosystem

The Pi App Incubator program embodies Pi Network’s commitment to supporting and mentoring community Pi App teams. This rigorous 12-week program provides cost-based grants for documented app development needs, guiding teams to enhance user experience, meet requirements for Mainnet app listing, and develop sustainable business models.

The journey began with a pilot app development cost-based grant program for a Community App team selected based on past Hackathon success. One-on-one mentoring sessions, a milestone-based grant program. A drafted Product and Design Guide further enriched the incubation process.

As we progress, the Incubator program aims to publish the Product and Design Guide for all Pi community developers. Kick off the first cohort of the Incubator program, and potentially expand mentorship opportunities to other universities.

In Progress: The ongoing publication of the Product and Design Guide and the selection and kickoff of the first Incubator cohort.

Pi-Powered Commerce Program: Realizing Pi’s Real-World Utility

The Pi-Powered Commerce program is a strategic initiative to integrate Pi into local economies globally. This program, announced on PiDay, March 14, 2023, encourages Pioneers and local businesses to use Pi in everyday transactions. The program leverages the decentralized ownership of Pi by over 47 million Pioneers across 230 countries and regions.

The journey began with a pilot In-app transfers (IAT) of mined Pi mobile balance in 2019, providing a glimpse into the potential utilities of Pi. Pioneers actively contributing to the community were selected for this limited-scale initiative. The program concept was later refined. Taking input from Pioneers through the Support Portal and a community survey in September 2023. Wallet features were released to enhance the use of Pi in daily transactions. Including QR Code functionality for simplified payments and transaction memos for personalized messages.

In Progress: A community event to celebrate the Pi Commerce program and encourage participation.


As we conclude this thrilling journey through Part 2 of the Pi Network roadmap, we’ve uncovered the layers of innovation, collaboration, and community empowerment that define our odyssey. The Pi team propelling us towards a decentralized Web3 ecosystem where every Pioneer plays a crucial role. Stay tuned for the ongoing evolution of Pi, where the possibilities are as limitless as the cosmos!

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