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GhostWire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition (PC) Steam Key

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • • Streetwear Outfit Pack;
  • • Shinobi Outfit & Kunai Weapon;
  • • Ghostwire: Tokyo Game.

The population of Tokyo city has vanished and only the supernatural forces are roaming the streets. In GhostWire: Tokyo (PC) Steam key game, use powers of elements and unravel the mystery of the city. You must uncover the secrets and know why the people of Tokyo have disappeared. You must save the city. GhostWire: Tokyo (PC) game is developed by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. In this game, meet the unknown as closely as never before. There are lots of paranormal forces in the city, which are controlled by dangerous cultists. But not everything is lost because you have powerful allies at your side. They will give you enormous powers.

GhostWire: Tokyo features

In this unique game, you can expect a lot of supernatural and strange things and experiences. Take a look at the main elements of the game:

  • • The cursed city of Tokyo. The population has vanished in Tokyo and time is frozen. Only ghosts are roaming through the streets. Explore iconic Shibuya and Tokyo Tower, which are presented in the smallest details;
  • • Next-gen experience. The game is made with cutting-edge technology, hence you can expect amazing views;
  • • Surreal locations. In strange Tokyo zones, you will search not only for answers but also for your lost family. How and why people of Tokyo have disappeared? You are the only one who can find that out;
  • • Destructive elemental powers. Use combinations of upgradable powers during fights with enemies. Upgrade your ghost-hunting skills to resisting supernatural forces. You will be able to traverse high buildings, as well as Tokyo streets, where you will find side activities and enemies;
  • • Cheap GhostWire: Tokyo (PC) price.

Strange and unique experience

The goal of ghostly creatures is revenge for the vanished population of the city. With their help, you will acquire and master an arsenal of powerful skills. In this game, you can expect to face the unknown and many strange things. GhostWire: Tokyo (PC) Steam Key offers an exploration of the unique vision of Tokyo city. It seems that Tokyo is deformed by various supernatural forces. Travel through industrial zones of the city, as well as traditional places and narrow streets, and discover beautiful but cursed zones. Your allies – creatures Yokai, that roam the streets of Tokyo. Will you, together with Yokai, succeed in saving the city? You will know that after buying GhostWire: Tokyo (PC) Steam Key at a cheap price.