DOP AirDrop

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DOP is an innovative blockchain privacy protocol that operates on the Ethereum network and empowers users with control over their on-chain data exposure. It introduces selective transparency to blockchain interactions. Leveraging Zero Knowledge technology, DOP enables users to precisely curate the information they wish to share regarding their asset holdings and transactions, all while maintaining seamless interoperability with Ethereum DApps and liquidity.


What Do You Need to Participate in It?

– For an optimal experience, use the Google Chrome browser on desktop.
– Usage is currently only enabled through the Metamask wallet.


How to Participate in DOP Airdrop?

– Open this referral link.


How do I complete all the steps?

– Written guide – here 
– Video guide – here


When Will You Get Your Earned PI?

After completing all the DOP participation steps, upload a screenshot of step 8, with information confirming that you have fully completed it.


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