How to Sell Pi Coin | Is it even possible?

How to Sell Pi Coin | Is it even possible?

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to sell Pi coins. we are going to discuss all the possibilities of selling pi coins, we are also going to talk about the values of the pi coins in different exchanges like coingecko, Binance, houbi, etc.

Possibility of selling Pi coins

According to the Pi core team and their rules, selling Pi coins directly for money is not legal and also can result in the banning of the Pi wallet. But that doesn’t stop you from trading it, trading Pi coins for products and gift cards is allowed by the Pi core team, but still, many of us think that physical products might not be worth it for the Pi coin!

That’s where all these trading platforms come in, many of these platforms are fake and scams for looting the Pi coins and one should never trust any platform before actually reading reviews from customers directly.

Trade your PI is also one of those trading platforms where you can trade things for pi, real value things like gold, silver, and in some cases even Gift Cards and Crypto vouchers, physical and digital products. Because of this project now people have at least some clarity on how to sell pi coins. But remember it’s not selling yet, it’s trading coins.

Value of Pi coins in different exchange

Now, some of you who are not that much into the crypto world think about what are the prices or values of pi coins at an exchange like coingecko, Binance, and CoinmarketCap. the prices in these exchanges are not the real price of pi coins, they are just IOUs. Although all of these exchanges have written clearly that they are IOUs and not the price of the coin.

IOU is whole another topic to explain, we already have a blog on IOUs of Pi coin and risk factors that comes with trading IOUs, so you can get a clear picture of what are these exchange rates and why they are not real prices.

Also, you can refer to some of these blogs to get a clear understanding of What IOUs actually are and, whether should you invest in them or not:

How is Trade Your PI helping?

Trade your pi market and let you use your pi coins to trade the products, you can get into our extensive list of inventory and actually find perfect products to trade for your pi. Not only that we are currently running a program called ‘Wish for PI’ where you can tell us what you want for your pi and we can make a trade.

If you have Pi coins in your wallet don’t worry and wait, just do a quick trade with us.

Some folks ask why prices at the trade you pi are too high, well the simple answer is that there is no value of the pi coin as such now, and we are actually getting you the products from certified vendors using our own money, so the one taking risk is us so that you can enjoy without any tension.