FunTomia Longboard with 3 Flex Steps Drop

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  • Now you have chosen Flex1 / 25 to 122 kg. The maple wood longboard can be ordered in 3 different flex levels. / Choose your desired model, simply in the upper version – (Flex1: 25 to 122 kg) – (Flex2: 25 to 84 kg) – (Flex3: 25 to 68 kg) – Quality and style: the FunTomia Camber longboard impresses with its multiple layers of maple wood construction – Length 106 cm – Width 25 cm – Weight 3.6 kg
  • A symmetrically built camber longboard supports flex and makes driving easier. The term camber means that the longboard has a positive preload. The board is approx. 2 cm upwards, which results in a better swing when stepping. With nose and kicktail, lots of tricks are possible.
  • The aluminium axles impress with plenty of control in the steering behaviour. Thanks to the wheels with 80A wheel hardness, the board has the perfect balance between adhesion and rolling resistance.
  • Drop-Through is the shape of the axle mounting, in which the axles are screwed through a recess in the deck from the top of the deck. This type of axle assembly makes the deck closer to the road, resulting in a deeper point of view on the board.
  • The camber is very suitable as a cruising board or for slides. The camber is also suitable for higher speeds and has a very good steering behaviour. With nose and kicktail, lots of tricks are possible.

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