The best TradeYourPi (TYPI) project ever! Introducing the ‘Safe Trade’ project.


What is ‘Safe Trade’?

TYPI wants to offer you a place where you can be sure that you will get what you wanted at the end! We guarantee 100% safe trades. How does it work? For example, you want to trade your phone for PI coins. You find a Pioneer who is interested in your phone and agrees to give you the PI coin amount you want for it. However, there is a problem because the pioneer do not live in your city/country, so meeting in person is not possible, and there is a lack of mutual trust.

The Pioneer suggests that you send the phone to them first, and upon receipt, they will send you the agreed-upon PI amount. At this point, you may feel apprehensive and not trust the other party. This is where ‘Safe Trade’ can help you.


What does the whole process look like?

The person who wants to receive the product sends the agreed-upon PI amount to TYPI’s provided PI wallet address. This PI amount remains there until the product arrives at the new owner. The previous owner of the product needs to provide all the necessary information for shipping, including the package tracking number, photos, etc.


For the entire safe trade procedure, TYPI will take 1.5% of the traded PI amount, regardless of whether the trade was successful or not. Unsuccessful trade means that the PI amount was sent and stored for the product, but the product did not, for some reason, reach the new owner.