Stop scams! This is the newest TradeYourPi (TYPI) project.

What is the “Stop scams” project?

We are receiving more and more help requests from PI Network Pioneers who wanted to trade their PI coins for goods and services, but unfortunately, after completing PI transactions, they falled victim to scams. To prevent this, we are introducing the “Stop scams” project.


Stop scams” is a trustworthy place where people can share their experiences with Pi Network Pioneers about the completed PI trades with Pioneers. You can add the trustworthy Pioneer’s Pi wallet address to the “Stop scams” database and leave a review about them. Conversely, you can share your worst experiences with a Pioneers. All Pioneers will have the ability to search for Pi wallet addresses in the database.


Of course, there is a possibility that someone may attempt to make a joke by adding someone’s Pi wallet address with the worst review possible. Don’t worry; the Pi wallet owner can contact us, prove ownership of the wallet (1 PI), and provide all necessary information to refute the false reviews. In such cases, the wallet address will be removed from the database, with a comment indicating that the Pi wallet owner has disproven the allegations. However, TYPI still advises users to exercise caution and use the “Safe Trade” project with this person to avoid potential scams.